4Tucson has gone through significant changes since the winter of last year. After many challenging months, we are excited to see how God’s work within 4Tucson will produce greater fruit in our mission field: Tucson. In this new season, we are glad to share with you our new vision and mission statements.

4Tucson’s Vision: We see a city aligned with God’s ways so that His peace and prosperity are experienced by all generations.

4Tucson’s Mission: Our mission is to unite and mobilize Christians, empowering them to put biblical principles into action as we engage our city’s most systemic problems.

To help us fulfill our mission, city leaders are helping us develop an empathy map. An empathy map is a tool designed to give a more complete understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of the people we’re called to serve. The city leaders are from ministry, the marketplace and nonprofit organizations. The purpose is for God to enlighten us through the collaboration of diverse perspectives united in spirit.

Empathy maps are widely used to understand the needs in our mission field. With these city leaders, we will answer the following questions about the people we’re striving to serve:

  1. What do they say?
  2. What do they do?
  3. How do they feel?
  4. How do they think?

This is the first step in our preparation for the 2020 Movement Day Tucson Expression. Movement.org is similarly aligned with 4Tucson’s mission to advance God’s Kingdom and this empathy map exercise will provide Movement Day Tucson Expression with a central focus.

What are Movement Day Expressions?
From Nairobi to Sydney, from London to Charlotte and from Haiti to Hong Kong, an increasing number of cities have shown interest in launching a Movement Day expression in their region. Currently, there are 27 cities around the world that have hosted an Expression.
These gatherings are supported through:
• Coaching – to city leaders of influence with a passion for gospel acceleration.
• Partnerships – Accelerate unity in city movements
• Convening – providing a neutral convening space with one sole focus-uniting the church to accelerate the Gospel in cities.
• Training – empower leaders to develop strategic plans for gospel movement.

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