On October 30th:

Join with Christians All Over the City - Encircle Tucson with Prayer

What if there was a way for us to pray together, as one body of Christ?
What if our daily commutes became prayer paths? We would encircle our city with prayer.

4Tucson is honored to partner with Family Life Radio (KFLR-FM 90.3 FM & & KFLT 104.1 FM) in encouraging people within Tucson to pray for our city.

All the commutes our routines take us along can become prayer paths as we travel through Tucson - our mission field. God can unite us in prayer when we pass by or through or around areas of the city that need prayer for healing, restoration and hope.

You can pray by yourself, with your families, or a group of friends. You can pray what’s on your heart or take inspiration from the written prayers found on this page.

However you participate, we will all pray together, for God’s glory and for Tucson.

More About Encircle Tucson With Prayer

Prayer Ideas & Resources

Suggested Prayer Locations
(Bold Text links to Map)

  • City Hall

  • University of Arizona

  • High Schools, Middle Schools & Grade Schools in your neighborhood

  • Shopping Malls, Major Business Centers

  • Hospitals or Urgent Care Centers

  • Police and/or Fire Stations

  • Reid Park, National Parks on the city’s outskirts, Bike Paths

  • Churches

  • Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Ideas for Prayers
(Bold Text links to Prayer Points)

About Encircle Tucson With Prayer

Kris Calvert, 4Tucson's Prayer Domain Director, Introduces Encircle Tucson with Prayer.

Prayer Points PDF

It is our hope & prayer that the materials provided on this page inspire you with new ideas on who and what to pray about for our city. Our desire is to see the Lord honored and glorified in Tucson, to see God’s people spending time Encircling Tucson with Prayer. Please refer to our Prayer Points PDF for possible verses and pray points for prayer.

Encircle Tucson With Prayer Is an Initiative of the 4Tucson's Prayer Domain and Family Life Radio (FLR). You can Visit FLR's website by Clicking Here.

Below is more Information about 4Tucson's Prayer Domain.

The purpose of 4Tucson's Prayer Domain is to inspire and motivate people to know God intimately and create a culture of prayer so that the will of God is done in Tucson as it is in Heaven.

Visit Prayer Domain Page
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