As an innovative problem solver, Tracelyn Sutton thrives on tackling challenges faced individually and collectively throughout our city, and is never satisfied with the status quo.  Having a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and pursuing a Master of Public Health, she has worked for 23 years in project and program management devising creative solutions to business problems and implementing evidence-based interventions that impact resources and individual lives in Southern Arizona.  Tracelyn says the highlight of her work is engaging with so many passionate people who wake up each day actively seeking solutions to address citywide problems effecting business and people struggling with poverty in our community. 

She moved to Tucson from the Midwest 23 years ago, and while she has lived in other parts of the country over the years, she considers Tucson home, and attends Calvary Chapel of Tucson. Although her many hobbies center on the great outdoors, Tracelyn is happiest with a paint brush in hand.  In addition to home remodeling projects and artistic ventures, her favorite volunteer work has been painting schools, playground murals, covering graffiti, or Ben’s Bells.  While having more than 18 years of experience in volunteer management, it is her heart for serving others through mentorship, acts of service, encouragement, and prayer that has led to many wonderful friendships and discovery of the unique and inspiring character of the Tucson community.

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