Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. If you are already supporting this amazing mission, thank you! Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!

Economic Opportunity & Development Impacts in Tucson 1

City Impacts

In January 2021, 4Tucson engaged 50 participants with the completed Economic Opportunity and Development research report at the 2021 Movement Day Tucson event leading to the creation of 4Tucson’s second taskforce: Economic Opportunity and Development.

4Tucson’s Economic Opportunity and Development research report was utilized by the Dean of Grand Canyon University College of Business as research for the “Faith and Finance” course.

April of 2021, 4Tucson hired the Economic Opportunity and Development Taskforce Director, Tracelyn Sutton, who will engage this city focus area using the research report for direction.

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