The purpose of the Prayer Domain is to inspire and motivate people to know God intimately and create a culture of prayer so that the will of God is done in Tucson as it is in Heaven.

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Domain Resources & Volunteer Opportunities

Domain Volunteer Opportunities are in Development!

  • Access Prayer Points and Scripture References for City Areas (Domains) and more. These are provided as helps for you as you pray over city areas as you are led by the Spirit.

    View All Prayer Points
  • All the commutes our routines take us along can become prayer paths as we travel through Tucson - our mission field. God can unite us in prayer when we pass by or through or around areas of the city that need prayer for healing, restoration and hope.

    Encircle Tucson With Prayer
  • If you are interested in praying for our government leaders, view a list of local, state and national leadership to pray over.

    Links for Government Leadership
  • Christians have taken and will continue to take a stand, and be of influence within this medium of communication. The Lord in His infinite wisdom gave man the ability to create and what an awesome gift that is. I pray all who are blessed in this area will use their gifts and talents to Glorify God, not to create greater separation from God.

    Prayer Points for the Media & Arts Domain
  • AREAS NEEDING REPENTANCE - Repentance leads us to two thoughts: what we should do and what we shouldn’t do.

    View Repentance PDF
  • Prayer Points Can be used for any neighborhood!  This can be done a variety of ways: parking and walking a few of the streets, driving the neighborhood, praying from your home, sharing with your prayer group, etc.

    Neighborhood Prayer Points PDF
  • WORSHIP - In using Strong’s NIV Concordance, we learn there were multiple words used for worship in both Old & New Testaments.

    View Worship PDF

Domain Impacts

Director Kris Kalvert shares what God is doing through the Prayer Domain, why it's important to be involved and how you can be part of aligning this Domain with God's ways.

Prayer Domain impact statements are in development. View our 2021 City Impacts page to see how God has been working through 4Tucson.


View Full Page of City Impacts

Domain Director

Kris C 150x100

Kris Calvert
Prayer Domain Director
Office Phone: (520) 745-4404
Email Address: [email protected]


More About Kris

October Prayer Domain Newsletter: Unanswered Prayer Part 2

It does not set well when the answers to our prayers are not what we were looking for. We want answers; we want them now! If I don’t get what I want, to me it then becomes obvious the Lord does not care about me. But….does this mean that God doesn’t love or care for us? 

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