The purpose of the Media & Arts Domain is to use every communication medium and art form in the city to positively shape and influence the community’s perception of Christianity, Christians and a Christian worldview.

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Media & Arts Domain resources are in development. Contact Tim Loraditch for more information.

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Media & Arts Domain volunteer opportunities are in development. Contact Tim Loraditch for more information.

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Director Tim Loraditch shares what God is doing through the Media & Arts Domain, why it's important to be involved and how you can be part of aligning this Domain with God's ways.

Media & Arts Domain impact statements are in development. View our 2021 City Impacts page to see how God has been working through 4Tucson.

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Domain Director

Tim Loraditch
Media & Arts Domain Director
Office Phone: (520) 745-4404
Email Address: [email protected]


More About Tim

November Media and Arts Domain Newsletter: Should We Cancel Degas?

Edgar Degas the French impressionist preferred to be called a realist. Unlike Beuys, Degas had obviously well-developed artistic skills. He was an excellent draftsman, and his ability to handle color was exceptional. Much of his work was done in pastel, but oils and charcoal were employed as well. The problem is with his ballet paintings, the beautiful ballerina works that grace so many young girl’s rooms to this day. The problem comes from the knowledge that these ballet schools were not for wealthy French families to send their daughters to, but were for poorer children who often could not be supported by their families.

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