The purpose of the Media & Arts Domain is to use every communication medium and art form in the city to positively shape and influence the community’s perception of Christianity, Christians and a Christian worldview.

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Media & Arts Domain resources are in development. Contact Tim Loraditch for more information.

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Media & Arts Domain volunteer opportunities are in development. Contact Tim Loraditch for more information.

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Director Tim Loraditch shares what God is doing through the Media & Arts Domain, why it's important to be involved and how you can be part of aligning this Domain with God's ways.

Media & Arts Domain impact statements are in development. View our 2021 City Impacts page to see how God has been working through 4Tucson.

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Domain Director

Tim Loraditch
Media & Arts Domain Director
Office Phone: (520) 745-4404
Email Address: [email protected]


More About Tim

September Media and Arts Domain Newsletter: Is History an Art or a Science?

Complexity is an aspect of humanity that is universal. To remove that complexity from an individual’s story is to rob him of his humanity. It is also true that when an individual is cast as a villain, someone else is made a hero by implication. Storytellers often take advantage of the value of contrast. If a hero is to be made epically heroic, an epically evil villain helps make that point. The more evil the villain, the more heroic the hero. Storytellers fall into this trap when we overemphasize story value of the historical account. The story is entertaining, but it isn’t always true.
...But sometimes we think God doesn’t fulfill His end of the bargain.

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