Disinformation or Propaganda? -11-28-22 1

Did you ever wonder where the words “misinformation” and “disinformation” come from? I never heard it used until recent years. We all know the bible tells us not to lie and that it’s immoral not to tell the truth. In these days, when free speech goes against the controllers of society’s narrative, the word misinformation and disinformation are used to label opposing views. Is that the truth?

The words misinformation and disinformation is actually an English translation of the Russian word “dezinforatsiya”’, also known as disinformation when the lie is deliberate. So when the government or social media platforms, in collusion with the government, label your opinion, “misinformation”, it’s a nice way of saying you are lying. Kind of like a “white lie” compared to disinformation that’s a bold faced lie.

In 1923, Joseph Stain actually had a Special Office of Disinformation. The Great Soviet encyclopedia defined “dezinforatsiya” as to deceive public opinion. So when you hear our government use the tern, Russia disinformation”, they understand the tactic well.

We don’t hear the term “Russian propaganda” much anymore, even though it’s going on more than ever. The Soviets used propaganda to rewrite history to manipulate the ideology of the people so they would conform to totalitarian control. Creating class struggle was and still is a tool used to create division among the people. When Stalin took control of the Soviet Union, history was rewritten. Even statues of Lenin were replaced with those of Stalin so the past was forgotten. New public holidays were created to change the events of history.

Are the same communist tactics being used in America today? Just look at the way our American founding fathers are being vilified. Statues of our forefathers are being torn down, holidays like Columbus Day are now considered controversial while new holidays are being created. Names of schools are being changed to reflect a distain of our past. I have quoted this passage from George Orwell’s novel 1884 before, “Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past”.

It is not misinformation for us to question the validity of elections. It is misinformation to accuse those who do as being “election deniers”. It is not misinformation for scientists to expose the dangers and lack of effectiveness of covid vaccines. It is misinformation to suppress those claims. Telling us that the southern border is secure, as 5 million foreign nationals have crossed illegally in less than 2 years, is more than disinformation; it’s a bold faced lie!  

Our Constitutional Republic cannot survive if we allow the people we elect or their cohorts to manipulate us with lies and deception so they can remain in power. When the Soviets do it, we call it propaganda. 

When the truth is absolute, like in John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”, the term misinformation or disinformation doesn’t come into play.  

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