One of the greatest adventures of your life will start when you understand your created purpose and determine to fulfill it. There is nothing else like the it in the world.

There many clues that can help you discover our purpose, once you understand them. At our workshop, an experienced coach will help you connect life’s seemingly random events, your own random passions and interests into a plan that you will be able to implement in your life.

This workshop is designed to help you discover God’s plan for you. That is when life becomes fruitful and fulfilling. We'll spend time in a group setting, helping you connect some dots and we'll help you develop your own written plan.

Complete the FREE assessments to get started. Take the results to our workshop to develop a structure for a workable life plan. You will spend the rest of your life moving toward your purpose. It starts when you know:
  • your skills
  • your passion
  • your personality
  • your core values

To get your FREE assessments:

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  2. Check your inbox for the FREE assessments:
    • S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experience)
    • Temperament
    • Strengths
  3. Fill out the assessments and enter your results in the registration form.


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At our workshop you can:

Work in a group setting with an experienced purpose coach.

Identify your God-given skills.

Clarify how you can apply your godly passions.

Develop and write out your own life mission statement.

Better understand your unique purpose & how you can fulfill it to make a big impact in Tucson.

Most people do not take the time to write their thoughts down and put them into a working document. Over 80% of people do not write down their plans and goals and consequently are missing out on achieving their hopes and dreams.  

Putting your thoughts together into a written purpose statement, with core values and goals identified will help you clarify and define your own plans. The more clarity you have on your purpose, the higher the probability you will actually achieving the plans and goals God created for you before you were ever born. 

Register for the Workshop
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