God is Calling You to Fulfill Your Purpose.

Living it out starts with knowing how He created you
and what He has called you to do with your life.

  • Mark Harris, CEO & Founder of 4Tucson, discusses the value of finding your created purpose & how our workshop helps you do that.

  • Your next steps in discovering your created purpose.

    Andrea Williams, 4Tucson Membership Development Manager, discusses what your next steps are in discovering your created purpose.

  • "If God has a special purpose for us, why aren't more people fulfilling that?"

    Mark Harris, CEO & Founder of 4Tucson, discusses why living out your created purpose is such an important piece of your walk with God.

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Upcoming Workshops:

  • November - No Workshop
  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 6pm-10pm

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Check out our Podcast! We learn from people of all walks of life who have been living out their God given purpose and transforming Tucson.
  • "Finding your purpose through the purpose workshop centers your life in a way that is really useful..." - Allison

  • "I am somebody who loves conversation, I love community, but loving those things is not the same as being made in such a way that...it's one of my strong core values." - Allison

At our workshop you can:

  • Work in a group setting with an experienced purpose coach.

  • Identify your God-given skills.

  • Clarify how you can apply your godly passions.

  • Develop and write out your own life mission statement.

  • Better understand your unique purpose & how you can fulfill it to make a big impact in Tucson.
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