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God is moving in so many ways through 4Tucson we cannot list all His successes. Because of His work through us and all our partners, we are excited to share a short list of transformational work happening across the city. We're looking forward to the good work He will continue to do through all of us, together.


Because of God’s work through 4Tucson…

  1. Over 600 people prayer walked public school campuses.


  1. 250 pastors participated in a pastor prayer summit.


  1. More than 300 people participated in our first Together4Tucson Conference.


  1. Over 100 congregations pray weekly for other congregations in the city.


  1. 45 local artists contributed to City Psalms music, movie and prayer events.


  1. Over 200 Christians pray for our elected officials each January.


  1. 4,000 prayer bookmarks were distributed to prayer partners across the city.


  1. 250 Christians from 50 local congregations participated in John 17 weekends.


  1. Over 2,000 copies of each book sold:
    1. Jesus’ Surprising Strategy
    2. If Was Easy, Jesus Wouldn’t Have Prayed for It
    3. You are the Light of Your City


  1. Churches kept over 2,500 children out of the foster care system and provided an economic impact of over $967,000 through CarePortal.


  1. Graduated over 500 people through U.S. Constitution workshops and graduated an additional 200 people in the Spanish-speaking U.S. Constitution workshops; handed out over 5,000 pocket edition U.S. Constitutions.


  1. 85% of district public schools were adopted by a local congregation.


  1. Six school districts collaborate regularly with the Christian community about school needs.


  1. 150 educators were trained on the legal exercise of faith and Christianity in the classroom.


  1. 60 congregations and 1,100 Christians volunteered in over 90 schools through the Serve Our Schools


  1. 4Tucson’s Poverty Reduction Research Report was referenced by the governor, mayor, the dioceses and United Way.


  1. The first two collaboratively-developed state legislative bills protecting Christians passed and were signed by the governor in 2018.


  1. 237 Christians participated in a Journey of Generosity retreat to explore biblical generosity.

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