Delvyn Crawford

Poor Start, Strong Finish - Finish Strong

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

This workshop is intended to spring forth the hope in those burdened by their past due to traumatic experiences.  Participants will recognize that they are their children's "reality show" and that their children will most likely follow their example rather than their advice.  Participants will know the importance of moving past guilt, not being controlled by self-condemnation and positioning themselves to be active fathers for their children and community.  The presenter will facilitate a unique and innovative workshop that focuses on universal characteristics that every father needs so that men of all cultures, race, religions, and backgrounds can benefit.  Fathers learn how to strengthen their relationship with their children, wife, or the mother of their children in addition to learning how to better care for themselves.

Delvyn is an author, poet, and Responsible Fatherhood Family Life Coach certified through the National Partnership for Community Leadership.  As a family practitioner, Delvyn operates programs that strengthen fathers and families within schools, community centers, juvenile detention centers, correctional facilities, and faith-based organizations.  He provides innovative ways for people to get engaged within their community; and connects them to resources that can assist them physically, economically, culturally, and spiritually.  Delvyn is also a multi-media communicator, and musician who uses different mediums to convey a message of hope that focuses on the areas of family, faith, community, and love.

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