Culture Impact Teams of Tucson

Equipping Christians to be “salt and light” by working to bring Godly values back to our American culture.

Family Research Council's proven, nation-wide network of Culture Impact Teams join together and give practical help to the churches of Tucson so they can make a positive and Godly Christian impact on our community, state and nation.

Any church can easily establish a ministry which can come alongside the pastor to Inform, Equip, Alert & Mobilize both pastors and congregations on the culturally-relevant issues of the day.

This non-partisan initiative provides vast knowledge, training and informational resources that promote good government according to Biblical principles, and without any political party affiliation.
Inform, Equip, Alert & Mobilize Your Church:

  • INFORM: Become the go-to person/team to assist pastor on important issues.
  • While Pastor is in Authority, this efficient mission approach actually lessens his work load.
  • ALERT: Sound the Alarm - keep pastor and church informed on serious moral issues that affect your community, state and nation. (Example: TUSD’s recent Comprehensive Sex Education Agenda).
  • MOBILIZE Coordinated Involvement – Encourage grassroots participation in tasks such as petition drives, voter registration, pregnancy support centers, public office, service projects, etc.
  • EQUIP other Tucson churches to form “Culture Impact Teams” and work together to multiply the impact of city-wide CIT activities. Meet and pray with other Churches and work together to elect godly representatives in all levels of government. Let us help you get started today!

To Get Started:

Download PDFs to learn more information about Culture Impact Teams:

Contact Paul Parisi Dir. Government Domain

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