Movement Day Tucson

Creating Prototypes

4Tucson facilitators summarize all of the Economic Opportunity prototypes their groups envisioned for the Amphi neighborhood.

About the Amphi Community & the Plans to Help Them Achieve Their Dreams.

4Tucson is working with city leaders and residents to create and launch prototypes that help Tucson neighborhoods thrive.

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    Prototype 1: Resource Network
    Connecting all local resources together as well as a place where individuals can share their needs with the community's resource providers and be partnered with a mentor.

    Prototype 2: Amphi Empowerment Hub
    Investing in Youth & equipping them to invest in the community through education and job training, keeping the community's youth involved in the Amphi neighborhood's economic development.

    Prototype 3: A Community School
    A 24-7 education center for youth & adults. Includes job skills, the arts, micro-lending;  supporting organizations that cultivate a sense of safety, open communications, community re-investment & trust within the community.

  • Prototype Summaries 4-7

    Prototype 4: Branding for Amphi - (First Prototype we are Launching in Amphi)
    Amphi Coalition & neighborhood residents collaborate to establish a unique identity for the community, to build identity & pride in the community and help establish healthy economic growth.

    Prototype 5: Asking Questions
    Learn why students are not participating in internship program designed to increase graduation rates & employment opportunities, learn how to draw students in to participate & envision a brighter future for themselves.

    Prototype 6: Community & Relationships
    Providing resources that lead to relationships, developing individuals through relationships, and training those individuals to invest in others.

    Prototype 7: Learning More about the Community
    Surveys that assess what is going on in the community; learning about the needs and desires of the community and hearing from them.

"This is Amphi" video

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