Congregations all-in with 4Tucson

Congregations all-in with 4Tucson 1On May 21st, 4Tucson had the opportunity to join Pantano Christian Church for their Sunday services. Together, we shared about how Christians can make a difference across our city. Pantano Christian has been an exceptional supporter of 4Tucson for many years, and we have seen much fruit come out of collaboration in areas such as church-school partnerships and the CarePortal ministry.

Pantano Christian leadership is all-in with 4Tucson, and they are challenging their congregation to be involved as well. You can watch this service online or read the blog from Senior Pastor Glen Elliott to see how he's encouraging his congregation.

We want to invite other churches to challenge their congregations to get involved as well. Interested in learning more about how 4Tucson can work alongside your church to serve our city? Interested in having one of our pastors come to your church to speak? Contact us at or (520) 745-4404. Thank you, Pantano Christian, and all our wonderful partner churches across the city!

Do you have a success story related to collaboration with 4Tucson? We'd love to hear it and share it. Email us at




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