Community Development Groups:
Helping Tucson Neighborhoods Thrive.

At Movement Day Tucson, 4Tucson convenes city leaders & residents event to:

  • Study carefully the unique needs and strengths of Tucson neighborhoods.
  • Develop custom plans from insightful, diverse perspectives.
  • Implement those plans in collaboration with each neighborhood.

The Big Picture:

Every January, 4Tucson convenes with influential city leaders and neighborhood residents at Movement Day Tucson. This is a single-day event designed to envision plans that help Tucson neighborhoods thrive. We do this by leveraging a diversity of perspectives and experiences, along with in-depth research. At the end of a full day of robust discussion, we come away with several concepts that will address root causes of neighborhood problems.

During the following months, a Community Development Group is formed to identify the best concept to implement that year, so that the community will thrive and achieve the goals they have identified.

To help Tucson neighborhoods thrive long-term, we are addressing multiple root causes behind the challenges each neighborhood is facing. We will also expand this process into other Tucson neighborhoods.

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