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Collaboration for Long Term Change

A man was standing on the shore and there were all these sea stars that had washed up on the shore and he was throwing them as hard as he could back into the ocean. And somebody came up and said, “what are you doing? You're never going to save them all”. He said, “yeah. But to that one that I just threw, it made all the difference”.

Working with kids often feels like that. And when I heard that story, that just gave me courage to keep going and working with kids and working with others who are working with kids. We know we're not going to save them all, but you know what? We're going to grab a few and we're going to throw them back into the deep end and let them be able to breathe and to grow and to flourish.

I want people to be super clear. We absolutely need people that are just full of compassion and have lots of resources and are full of energy. And that can help people find their humanity again and find their connection.

Poverty Reduction is about truly working with people and kids to get them out of generational poverty. If they can graduate high school, get meaningful employment, and start their family after they’re 21 years old and married, they have a 98% chance of getting out of generational poverty.

That's huge.None of us could do that alone. We need those key influencers. We need the right education, knowledge and experience. And if our parents didn't have that or their parents before them, then we end up in this generational poverty. That's just the reality.

There's a lot of things already occurring that are making a big difference. They're meaningful. And a lot of people have spread themselves thin, not in the sense of doing it alone or having ego, but just because the need is so immense. We need to collaborate and help them do what they're already doing and connect organizations that maybe don't know about each other, all that connection needs to happen.

There's work that needs to be done that hasn't been implemented just yet, there are opportunities for volunteers. And so it's an, and/both: there are opportunities to connect and there are unique volunteer opportunities.

So, whether you’re already involved or seeking a unique volunteer opportunity, we can work together to help kids in our city thrive.

Lynda Robinson
Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce

Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.

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