Focus Areas: Community & Family Stability

Once Christians are mobilized and trained, the second part of the 4Tucson strategy is to engage them in one of 22 taskforces, each designed to address one specific city problem.

The first taskforce we launched in 2016 was the Poverty Reduction Taskforce. A passionate group of leaders researched poverty in our city, explored what the Bible had to say about the problem, and compiled the data into a comprehensive research report. Our report is now widely distributed to government officials and nonprofit leaders and is framing the poverty conversation. An action plan has been created and now there are Christians with ‘boots on the ground’ in our city working to implement a poverty reduction solution for our city.

In a taskforce, you will…

  • Research the city’s most difficult and systemic problems.
  • Examine the scriptures for sustainable solutions.
  • Create an action plan to address each problem.
  • Change our city and impact people’s lives.
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