Successes in the Mission to Biblically Transform Tucson

Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. If you want to offer support financially or serve as a volunteer, click on one of the links below.

If you are already supporting this amazing mission, thank you! Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!

2021 City Impacts

The purpose of the Government Domain is to mobilize Christians to create a culture of community involvement in the political process in our city, state, and nation.

42 Christians were mobilized on God’s world view of Government through a series of 8 Biblical Citizenship classes led by certified Patriot Academy instructors and 4Tucson Government Domain members, Piet and Mary Van de Mark.

4Tucson Government Domain engaged with Criminal Justice Coalition to write, pass in Arizona State House and Senate, and signed into law by AZ Governor HB 2319, which prohibits state agencies from denying occupational licenses to otherwise qualified applicants who have drug convictions.

4Tucson Government Domain and Criminal Justice Coalition successfully engaged in the political process to pass HB 2166 into law to greatly increase criminal justice data reporting to be provided to the AZ Criminal Justice Commission.  The impact of this law is centralized data collection that is more uniform and accurate, and agencies are required to provide data in order to make decisions about criminal justice issues in the future.

4Tucson Government Domain helped mobilize votes for SB 1297 which extends the deadline for filing state tax returns and tax credit donations to non-profits until May 17. “This gives Arizonan certainty on their tax filing deadline.  Giving Arizonans the freedom to file their taxes at the same time as their federal taxes.” Said Senator Shope. 

4Tucson Government Domain helped mobilize votes for SB 1377 which protects individuals and businesses from frivolous law suits from Covid 19 claims.  This allowed businesses to fully reopen without fear of frivolous law suits.
4Tucson Government Domain helped mobilize votes for HB 2459 which protects human life at all stages by criminalizing assisted suicide, preserving the Christian belief that all life is sacred.

4Tucson Government Domain Engaged with many stakeholders to pass SB 1457 through the Arizona House and Senate.  The impact of this bill passing is that Arizona children diagnosed with disabilities prior to birth will no longer be discriminated against. Arizona women will be ensured commonsense safeguards if they choose the abortion pill. Arizona taxpayers will not be forced to support abortions at public colleges and universities, and the laws of Arizona will be interpreted to value all human life.

The purpose of the Social Service Domain is to provide opportunities for Christ-centered fellowship, collaboration, professional development and prayer among social service agencies and partners.

Social Services Domain

4Tucson Social Services Domain mobilized members of the Amphi Neighborhood working group in monthly meetings developing and preserving already established relationships and starting new ones.

4Tucson Social Service Domain Mobilized a Market on the Move with partner organizations 3000 Club and Newlife Community Church of the Nazarene in the Amphi Neighborhood.  Volunteers from several organizations and Amphi residents handed out more than 40 boxes of fresh produce creating strong partnerships and providing Amphi residents the opportunity to take an active part in the improvement of their neighborhood.

4Tucson Social Service Domain Mobilized representatives from CarePortal Southwest Region, Mentoring Tucson’s Kids and Southern AZ Mentoring Coalition to initiate the development of TEIR II of CarePortal that will provide children in need of mentors to be served through these partnering organizations.

Viable tangible opportunities for upward mobility, supported by public policy.

Economic Opportunity & Development Taskforce

In January 2021, 4Tucson engaged 50 participants with the completed Economic Opportunity and Development research report at the 2021 Movement Day Tucson event leading to the creation of 4Tucson’s second taskforce: Economic Opportunity and Development.

4Tucson’s Economic Opportunity and Development research report was utilized by the Dean of Grand Canyon University College of Business as research for the “Faith and Finance” course.

April of 2021, 4Tucson hired the Economic Opportunity and Development Taskforce Director, Tracelyn Sutton, who will engage this city focus area using the research report for direction.
4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce

Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.

Poverty Reduction Taskforce

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce and Social Services Domain Mobilized members of a working group in discussion to clarify the purposes of joining Economic Opportunity and Development and Poverty Reduction Taskforces and creating a “Connections Café” that meets once a month. “Connections Café” provides a place where non-profits, businesses and organization can share their needs and seek out collaborators. The impact of this discussion was progression from having one group with unclear purpose to having three groups with a very clear focus.

Amphi Neighborhood Project

4Tucson engaged with the Amphi Coalition to initiate the Amphi Neighborhood Project utilizing the Poverty Reduction research report. Upon hearing 4Tucson’s strategy, the Amphi High School Principal to say “That’s exactly what we’re trying to do! Brookings does a lot of social research.  They are a good reference.”

4Tucson engaged 20 Amphi residents and organizations in an Empathy Mapping exercise that captured many different perspectives and created a robust empathy map that was presented in the “This Is Amphi” video revealed at Movement Day Tucson 2021 and launched the Amphi Neighborhood Project.

At Movement Day Tucson in January of 2021, over 20 organizations were represented and engaged in creating 7 different possible prototypes that could be implemented in the Amphi Neighborhood project.

4Tucson united with two organizations located in Amphi neighborhood to write and distribute surveys to residents, collecting valuable information regarding the community’s concerns, talents, and strengths and quantified the results into a presentation that was shared with residents, staff and other outside organizations.

In partnership with two Amphi organizations; one Christian and one non-Christian, 4Tucson mobilized 2 rounds of surveys within residents which strengthened neighborhood relationships, building trust and interest in assisting community development projects.

4Tucson united with Amphi School District and Amphi High School personnel on initiatives in the Amphi Neighborhood Project, building strong strategic alliances.

Monthly Amphi Neighborhood Project meetings has mobilized clear initiatives and action items for the project, creating energy and excitement among important stakeholders and strategic alliances in their involvement with 4Tucson in the Amphi Neighborhood Project.

4Tucson staff Engaged representatives from Mentoring Tucson’s Kids, GAP Ministries, AZ Youth Partnership, Literacy Connects and Amphi School District in vital partnerships that will lead to future collaboration between organizations for the improvement of Amphi Neighborhood.

4Tucson Grant Writer united with two other organizations at the #WeAreAmphi Coalition to partner on the Drug Free Communities Grant solidifying strong strategic alliances in the Amphi Neighborhood Project and future city transformation.
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