4Tucson Church Partners Taking Initiative 1

We want to thank the sponsors who have stepped up to support our first Together 4Tucson Conference!

Thank you to Family Life Radio, who is our Title Sponsor for the Conference. Copperstate OB/Gyn, KGMS/KVOI and Pantano Christian Church have stepped up to be Conference Sponsors.

In addition to this, several church partners took the initiative in a collaborative effort, creating a new category of sponsorship.

Jim Cords, pastor of Desert Hope Lutheran Church, contacted 4Tucson wanting to know if his church could partner together with another church to sponsor the Together 4Tucson Conference. Living Water Ministries, led by Apostle Warren Anderson, teamed up with Desert Hope Lutheran Church to become co-sponsors. God worked through two churches, very different from each other externally, but sharing the same heart, and through their collaboration a new sponsorship was created: “Unity Sponsors.”

Shortly after this collaboration, Chris DeHaan, pastor of Vineyard Christian Community, expressed interest in partnering with two more churches in the downtown area. Redemption Tucson and Mission Church Tucson joined together with Vineyard Christian Community to sponsor two and a half tables together.

Chris DeHaan took it a step further and is planning a day when everyone in his congregation who attends the conference can meet to discuss how they can apply what they’ve learned. Unity Sponsorship opened the door for other organizational partners to unify around sponsorship, and hold discussion meetings of their own.

All of this started organically, by 4Tucson partners responding to the Spirit’s leading. Unity has been developing over time among pastors of different denominations, through intentional, relational fellowships, such as the Pastor Prayer Summits. God is blessing the obedient response to His will for unity, producing spiritual fruit among the body of Christ in Tucson. The new Unity Sponsorship and follow-up discussion meetings are two very encouraging examples.


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