Church of the Week - Special Prayer Post.

Grieving the Loss of two Pastors

4Tucson considers it to be an honor and privilege to bring before you each week a new Church of the Week (COTW) - letting you know about the wonderful things going on in each church along with prayer needs they wish to share.

We are taking this opportunity to share about two churches whose pastors tragically passed away last month:  Pastor Gary Marquez, North Swan Baptist Church (COTW 3/3/19) and Pastor Bryan Lee, Elements City Church (COTW 5/19/19).   As a staff, 4Tucson is continually reminded of the importance of praying for all of Tucson's churches and the shepherds called to care for their flocks. We join our prayers and condolences with countless others to the wives & children, church families, and friends & loved ones who are grieving.  May you truly feel the power of God's peace and compassionate comfort during this time.

COTW will resume next week with a new church being celebrated on August 17th.

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