Church of the Week

Each week, we pray for a local Christian church. This week, we are praying for Redemption Tucson.

What is something unique or descriptive about your church?
We are Gospel-Centered and Outward-Focused, seeking to live all of life, all for Jesus. Alongside the body of Christ in Tucson we seek to display and participate in the reconciling work of Jesus.

What is happening within the church that you are excited about?
The past few months have helped to refine us and further reveal our call to equip God's people serve and be served in the closest possible communities throughout the week.

What are one or two prayer needs within the church?
Many families throughout Tucson have been, and will be, hit hard by this pandemic (including in the school where we meet). We pray we will be faithful parts of how God cares and provides for others.

Anything else you’d like to share?
Praise God that Jesus is the head of His church, and we get to participate alongside so many others in what He is doing!

Pastor: Dave Goffeney
Church Contact Information:
PO Box 2568
Tucson, AZ 85702

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