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Each week, we pray for a local Christian church. This week, we are praying for To-Go Christian Church.

What is something unique or descriptive about your church?
We are a mobile church focused on reaching the lost, preaching the gospel, and making disciples. We do not have one set building or meeting place, but we gather weekly in open air settings for worship & prayer. In addition to outside services, we meet for bible study on zoom once a week and organize Christian events around the city each month.

What is happening within the church that you are excited about?
By God's Grace, we are growing. God has been increasing our partnerships in and around the city as well as sending workers to the harvest.

What are one or two prayer needs within the church?
We are praying for direction & strategy as we move into 2022: Where can we go to connect with people; how can we serve our city; in what ways can we help unify the Body of Christ in Tucson? Thank you.

Anything else you’d like to share?
We are very excited to be participating in 2 upcoming events: The Men's J17 Weekend & 10 Days of Prayer. Please keep us in prayer as we prepare to serve during the J17 Weekend and as we work to facilitate 10 consecutive days of prayer, worship and repentance in Tucson. Glory to God!

Pastor: Aaron Scott

Church Contact Information:
This is a Mobile Church

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