Male and female students raising hands in classroom. Men and women are answering to mature teacher. They are together in university.

Building Relationships and Confidence in Students

When kids start feeling unseen, unheard, it takes away their humanity. What can we do to restore that to them and help them to realize they're made in the image of God and therefore they are deserving of respect and a good future? Because that’s what God wants for them, He wants good for them.

Those relationships are helping them build problem solving skills and helping them ask, “How do I become successful in this endeavor?” When they can finish and they can do things well, it builds competence. Self-esteem is built when kids realize they are competent, and see for themselves that they can actually attack something scary and hard and do it, they can figure their way through it.

When I was still teaching, I would see that getting a high school diploma for some students caused tears running down their face. They never thought they could do it. It was so cool to cheer on some of my super seniors who went beyond four years to achieve graduation with, “You can do it! Come on one more credit, that's all you need!”

That mentor investing in them and encouraging them builds the resilience they need to fly. It helps them to realize that they can be confident and competent. That's how you build self esteem. That's what gives them the courage to flourish.

Lynda Robinson
Poverty Reduction Taskforce Director

4Tucson Poverty Reduction Taskforce

Addressing the root causes of poverty with data-driven solutions that align with biblical principles.

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