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February is Black History Month. The lack of accurate history being taught in our public schools, Black history included, can be traced back to our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson, the most racist president in American history.

Before Wilson became Governor of New Jersey and then being elected President of the United States in 1912, he was an educator. Wilson taught as a professor and then became President of Princeton University. At Princeton, he did all he could to keep Blacks out of the faculty and student body.

Wilson passionately campaigned to civil rights leaders, getting their endorsement in the 1912 presidential election. After winning the election, he betrayed them by firing and demoting Black federal workers. The federal government remained segregated for the next 35 years.

Woodrow Wilson wrote many books including a 5 volume text book called “A History of the American People.” He endearingly referred to the Ku- Klux-Klan (KKK) as the invisible empire of the south. As President, he invited the KKK to the white House for a screening of the film “The Birth of a Nation” that glorified the Klan. 

In 1916, President Wilson had the federal government champion a new progressive curriculum for public schools called Social Studies. History became a tool to teach social efficiency to promote the prevailing view of the day. The Declaration of Independence became an outdated obstacle to progressive policy. The contributions of our founders, including those of Black Americans, became unimportant lessons. Black history was systematically purged from text books.

President Wilson surrounded himself with progressive educators like Thomas Jesse Jones and John Dewey. The curriculum they developed is still influential in public education to this day. Modern progressive educators are now using divisive curriculum like Critical Race Theory and the New York Times 1619 Project that gives an in-accurate portrayal of American History. 

Claire Morgan, a Christian educator who for years has taught US Constitution classes for 4Tucson has developed a July 4th Camp at her church with great success. Claire has agreed to conduct a training class for churches in how to conduct their own July 4th Camp to teach children (1st-8th grade) our founding principles using songs, Scriptures, short teachings, videos, games, and crafts. She will provide a list of material links and sources, examples of crafts, and suggestions about how to separate the children's groups (1-3rd, 4-6th, 7th and 8th grades) for crafts.

4Tucson will be recruiting church leaders to attend this July 4th Camp training session on April 30 from 9:30am-11:30 am at Fellowship Bible Church at 6700 E. Broadway.

As a tribute to Black History Month, here is the Lesson 1 Video Claire Morgan produced about the Black patriots that helped America win the Revolutionary War.

Teaching children to embrace the founding of our nation, including Black history will instill the civic responsibility necessary to preserve our nation. 

Paul Parisi

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