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Be a CityChanger: Live God's Purpose for Your Life with a Team on Mission to Biblically Transform Tucson.

Be empowered to live out God's calling for your life.
Take steps towards becoming a CityChanger:

  • Discover Your Purpose Workshop
    • An engaging workshop for members and non-members. In a small group setting, led by an experienced coach, you get a clear picture of God's purpose for your life and how to apply it.
  • Training
    • Our Members have access to Right Now Media's library of training resources. This helps sharpen natural gifts for use in the city mission field.
  • Volunteer Opportunities that Address Systemic City Issues
    • We help our Members make a connection between their skills and an area of service that contributes to the biblical transformation of Tucson.
  • Connection with other CityChangers who Share Your Passion and Have Complementary Gifts
    • Our Members have the unique opportunity to serve with a team who shares their passion for addressing city issues, and brings a variety of gifts and perspectives to those issues. These teams are coordinated and launched to align city areas with God's ways.

If you are already a 4Tucson Member and want to access Right Now Media, contact us and we will get you started.

About 4Tucson

  • Slide 1: Watch the video for a glimpse into our vision for CityChangers and a biblically transformed Tucson.

    Slide 2: Watch the video to see how 4Tucson empowers Christians to become CityChangers and the difference it makes in our city.

  • How we empower you to be a CityChanger.
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