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4Tucson Membership Maintenance Team Member

This individual must have excellent customer service skills, experience with data entry, analyzing data for patterns.  The Membership Maintenance team member will make phone calls to individuals following up with them regarding their membership status.  In most cases this will take place, after a member’s payment card has been denied.  In this role, this individual will then follow up by phone and email to attempt to make contact with the member.  Must be able to remember utilize process for reaching out to members and be prepared to answer questions about their membership...


4Tucson Discover Your Purpose Event Team

Individuals who enjoy speaking with newcomers and people unfamiliar with 4Tucson will represent 4Tucson at public events, to churches, businesses and organizations.  These individuals will be able to share about the Discover Your Purpose Workshop in a concise way to attract individuals and or groups to participate in the Discover Your Purpose Workshop, as well as answer questions about 4Tucson. Indivduals will attend public events, tabling and sharing about how the Purpose Workshop will be able to assist individuals, churches, businesses or organizations understanding the need for the Purpose Workshop and how it will benefit them.


4Tucson Member Development Facilitator

4Tucson Member Development Facilitator Volunteer Role Description:
The facilitator will act as a guide to individuals participating in the Purpose Workshop, Discover Your Domain and other workshops that may be developed that are developed to assist individuals with first, discovering their gifts and calling, then getting plugged in to a domain to serve. Additional workshops include continueing to come alongside members to develop their life goals based on their life purpose statement created in the Discover Your Purpose Workshop. Individual must be able to think on their feet...

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