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Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Healthy Families & Kids with Bright Futures

We are offering classes that teach parents how to use protective factors and resiliency research to build those into their kids' lives. The purpose of these classes is to develop healthier families, which will then also develop healthier kids.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Bringing the Village

When I was teaching on the west side of Tucson, a lot of the kids had never been on the east side of the freeway. They didn't know what that looked like. That’s why a lot of high schools talk to their students so much about college, to help them dream.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Influence, Council & Guidance

Kids need wisdom and guidance as protective factors if they're going to flourish in their lives. One of those protective factors comes from having solid adults who can be like their rock and mentors can do that.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Mentors & Flourishing Kids

An incredibly significant part of helping kids get out of poverty comes through connecting them with somebody who has very similar skill sets, somebody who is flourishing in their life.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Collaboration for Long Term Change

A man was standing on the shore and there were all these sea stars that had washed up on the shore and he was throwing them as hard as he could back into the ocean. And somebody came up and said, “what are you doing? You're never going to save them all”. He said, “yeah. But to that one that I just threw, it made all the difference”.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Building Relationships and Confidence in Students

When kids start feeling unseen, unheard, it takes away their humanity. What can we do to restore that to them and help them to realize they're made in the image of God and therefore they are deserving of respect and a good future? Because that’s what God wants for them, He wants good for them.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Mentorship Develops Resilience

My passion in life is helping kids flourish. In education, my goal is to help kids get connected with the right people, the right resources, the right education, the right tools, so that they can just fly.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Blog: Teamwork

Kids need to be taught to do more teamwork because that's what the real world is all about is figuring out how to work with others. A lot of stuff is done individually, but even still building those skillsets of being able to try the hard stuff and work through it and actually be successful. That's pretty huge. That's our best desire.


Poverty Reduction Taskforce Impacts in Tucson

Because of the support of members and donors, we are honored and humbled to share regular updates on the successes we're seeing in our efforts to align Tucson with God's ways. Whether you currently support us or are just learning about us, we hope these God stories inspire you to live out your God given purpose and biblically transform Tucson!

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