August 31, 2021 Prayer Domain Newsletter: Countdown to 10 Days of Prayer 1

Countdown to 10 Days of Prayer

August 31, 2021
Greetings Pray-ers,

We are in the countdown phase of 10 Days of Prayer. It begins in six days. All the events listed on the 10 Day link below are wonderful opportunities to come together with others to pray. There are two event updates and three that I’d like to share with a bit more detail.

First the updates: The men’s prayer group (Water Walkers) on Thurs, Sept 9th has moved to Siloam Christian Church at 628 E. Adams. With regards to the women’s prayer (The Gathering) on Fri. Sept 10, registration is requested but there is NO charge for the event. Please go to the landing page link below for more information.

I was honored that Congregation Beth Sar Shalom gave their blessing to share with you not only the link to watch the services on-line but also to extend an invitation to anyone who might be interested in attending in person. For several weeks I wrote about Rosh Hashanah, Days of Awe and Yom Kippur. These services on Sept. 6, 7, 15, & 16 will give insight as to how these High Holy Days are celebrated within the Messianic community. (Messianic = both Jew & Gentile, or as stated in Ephesians 2:11-22 – the one new man.)

Prayer meeting on A Mountain – This will be our Kick-Off prayer for the 10 days and it will be a wonderful time to raise our hands in prayer over our city. There is a parking lot closer to the top of the mountain. You have to go all the way around the mountain and then the parking lot is about a quarter of the way down. Because this area is open to the public, I’m encouraging people to park in the lot. Be prepared to walk a bit.

Prayer walk for the Amphi Neighborhood. Movement Day Tucson is an annual event where 4Tucson convenes city leaders & community members to invest in a Tucson neighborhood. Amphi Neighborhood is where 4Tucson is working beside many others by: a. Observing the challenges of the neighborhood through research and sharing with one another; b. Generating solutions for the systemic problems the neighborhood is facing; c. Creating prototypes designed to help the community thrive. While it is promoted as a prayer walk, the area is rather large, so this can be done by car, bike or walking. Boundaries are Roger Road, 1st Avenue, Fort Lowell and Oracle. We will meet at the Amphi Middle School auditorium. 

Regrettably, we were unable to coordinate a Hispanic Prayer time during this year’s 10 Days of Prayer which I believe I shared about in past newsletters and in the Landing Page video. This will be something to look forward to next year.

Many people have been and will be working hard on their portion to make 10 Days a prayerful success, and times of honoring & glorifying our Lord. I want to take this opportunity to thank the core group of people who have worked alongside and have encouraged me on this project: Aaron Scott of To-Go Church; Jeremy Carroll of Awoke Ministries and 4Tucson’s own, Jennifer Fishencord (aka JFish). Also, a shout out goes to 4Tucson’s Rachel Simpson, Graphics and Shawn Over, Website and Marketing. My grateful appreciation to you all!!

My plan is to attend as many of the prayer events as possible. I hope I will be able to meet some of you at any one of the many locations.

Blessings & Shalom,

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