August 30, 2021
August 30Government Domain Newsletter: Sympathy & Prayers for those Suffering in Afghanistan 1

August 30 Government Domain Newsletter: Sympathy & Prayers for those Suffering in Afghanistan

"If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them".

James 4:17
Dear friend,

Our deepest sympathy for the loved ones of the American military members who were brutally murdered by terrorists in Afghanistan. Our brave military has been defending our freedom since 1776. Thank you for your unselfish sacrifice.
Countries have been at war with each other since Genesis 11 where God gave people different languages and scattered them throughout the world. Some wars go on for a very long time, like the never ending wars in the Middle East.
The Bible tells us that the Arab people are descendants of Abraham’s son Ishmael. In Genesis 16:12, Ishmael is described as This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.”
It only got worse when Mohammed, a descendant if Ishmael, created the religion of Islam and forced most of the Arab world by sword to convert. Now Arab wars are fought by religious zealots.
Front and center is Afghanistan. For centuries, many have tried to conquer this territory: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Great Britain, the Soviet Union and, since the September 11, 2001’s attack on the World Trade Center, the United States of America.
Never in the history of the United States of America have we surrendered so disgracefully. The greatest nation on earth is capitulating to the demands and timetable of terrorist thugs called the Taliban. As we speak, atrocities are being carried out against American soldiers, civilians and allies who have stood besides us. At least when King Saul lost in battle, he fell on his own sword.
Through strength and diplomacy, with the exception of recent tragic events, no American soldier has died in Afghanistan in 18 months. Who knows how many innocent people will die by the hands of the Taliban because the United States of America surrendered in such a clumsy, incompetent and cowardly manner.
In 1961, John F. Kennedy used this famous saying while addressing the Canadian Parliament: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. Pray that God speaks to our leaders and gives them the wisdom, courage, diplomacy and if necessary, to use our mighty power to end innocent bloodshed and bring every American safely back home.

Paul Parisi
Director-Government Domain

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