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Who Could Have Predicted That Giving Thanks Would Be Controversial?

Well it is, after all, 2020. The year that everything seems controversial. It doesn’t matter what subject you choose to discuss; someone will vehemently take an opposing view.


Revolution or Revival: Which Path Will We Choose?

It is my personal opinion that we are to the point where we have two options available to us. Let’s start with the first option - a revolution.


Culture Impact Teams

Equipping Christians to be “salt and light” by working to bring Godly values back to our American culture.

Family Research Council's proven, nation-wide network of Culture Impact Teams join together and give practical help to the churches of Tucson so they can make a positive and Godly Christian impact on our community, state and nation.


Delvyn Crawford: Poor Start, Strong Finish - Finish Strong

This workshop is intended to spring forth the hope in those burdened by their past due to traumatic experiences.  Participants will recognize that they are their children's "reality show" and that their children will most likely follow their example rather than their advice.


Libby Timmons: Understanding the Addictive Brain

This session will look at process addictions versus chemical addictions.


Libby Timmons: Understanding the Culture of Working with First Responders

This talk helps counselors, pastors and other professions take a walk into the 'private' world of First Responders and their Families.


Reclaiming Hope - a Trauma Informed Community Conference presented by the Education Domain

This is a VIRTUAL CONFERENCE for those who Nurture Connection, Healing and Resilience in a Hurting World. Whether you're an Educator or Pastor; Counselor or Coach; Parent or Caregiver all around us, people are hurting...


Priscilla A Hurley, M.A.: The Choice to Choose: A discussion of Sexual Decision-Making Factors and the Prevention of Trauma

We will discuss how we can broaden our own understanding of the factors that influence these decisions.  Our objective is to be better equipped in our work, and homes, to encourage the development of healthy, protective boundaries for youth, and believe with them that they are empowered to protect their future health, welfare and aspirations.


Kelly Meshirer: Resiliency Under Pressure

The term "resiliency" is all the buzz in today as we try to transition to a post-COVID world. But what does “resiliency” really mean?


Rev Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv.: Systematic School Change to Build Trauma Informed Community

This breakout session will provide a comprehensive picture of how to build a trauma informed community, working with the stakeholders from twelve sectors in the community.

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