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Priscilla A Hurley, M.A.: The Choice to Choose: A discussion of Sexual Decision-Making Factors and the Prevention of Trauma

We will discuss how we can broaden our own understanding of the factors that influence these decisions.  Our objective is to be better equipped in our work, and homes, to encourage the development of healthy, protective boundaries for youth, and believe with them that they are empowered to protect their future health, welfare and aspirations.


Kelly Meshirer: Resiliency Under Pressure

The term "resiliency" is all the buzz in today as we try to transition to a post-COVID world. But what does “resiliency” really mean?


Rev Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv.: Systematic School Change to Build Trauma Informed Community

This breakout session will provide a comprehensive picture of how to build a trauma informed community, working with the stakeholders from twelve sectors in the community.


Rev Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv.: Gospel & Evangelism Through Trauma Informed Care

This breakout session will provide a testimonial and theological assertion on how trauma informed care science and AZTIFC (Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community) movement can contribute to the advancement of gospel and evangelism.


Maureen Gerard: Connecting Principles

Children from hard places hold ruptured dreams, ruptured hope and ruptured trust. These principles focus on rebuilding of trust and engaging with children. Practical strategies for connecting.


Richard Franco: Talking to our Kids about Sex

While sex was designed for us as a gift to enjoy and embrace, those that take care of kids have the hardest time talking about this subject than any other subject.


Richard Franco: Sex, the Church, and Our Past

Sex is a scary word for most of us, and while many of us, if not all of us have had sex, it is one of the areas that we most shy away from.


Jill Stamm: A Look at Both Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

There is now strong scientific knowledge that can help explain why trauma and disruptions in a child’s life can have lasting impacts - yet it may still feel overwhelming as we begin to try to address these facts.


Church of the Week.

This week, we are praying for GracePointe EFC.


Rick Griffin: A Handful of ACEs: Beyond Adverse Childhood Experiences

The seminal Adverse Childhood Experience study helped us understand the trauma in homes.

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