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In a week and a day the votes will be counted in Arizona’s primary election. If you received a mail-in ballot, don’t delay mailing in your ballot. It must be delivered to the County Recorder by 7pm on August 2nd. Here’s a link to Polling Locations, Early Voting and Drop off Sites in Pima County.

The winners in the Primary Election will face off in the November General Election on November 8, 2022. This is the American way to elect our representatives in all levels of government. One of the most overlooked elected offices are our District School Governing Boards and in Pima County, the Pima Community College Governing Board.

School boards have tremendous influence on what is taught in public schools. Many parents have become aware of that some of these schools are teaching children Critical Race Theory, Marxist indoctrination, fluid and transgender ideology, radical sex education that sexualizes children at an early age and other questionable curriculum. While many school districts are performing well, others are plagued with failing schools. Though we won’t be voting in next week’s Primary Election for district schools governing boards, we have until November 8th to investigate the candidates that best represent our values.

We are thankful that our Arizona Legislature and Governor put into law the first universal Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) program in the nation. ESA’s allow all Arizona families, especially the least fortunate, the ability to send their children to private schools, micro schools, home schooling, tutoring, and many other forms of educational material.

This win for school choice may be short lived if the radical special interest group called Save our Schools (SOS) has its way. As we speak, they are gathering signatures to eliminate ESA’s through a ballot initiative. Please reject this attack on school choice.

Even with ESA’s and tuition tax credit scholarships awarded through Student Tuition Organizations (STO), most parents overwhelming choose the broad educational opportunities public schools offer. There is no reason parents cannot have a say in what’s being taught in our district schools. No school should be failing in academic achievement.  We can directly elect local school district governing boards that thrive for excellence and reject woke social policy. We must also elect legislators who enact and maintain legislation that benefits all education. The elected Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction not only has influence in public education, but will also control the administration of school choice programs like ESA’s and STO's. Let’s also not forget that it’s the governor who appoints the Arizona State Board of Education and State Charter School Board. These Boards set important policy on education.

Need some help picking key races? Here’s Center for Arizona Policy Action AZ Voter Guide and CAP Score Card. Remember to vote your values.

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