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Tomorrow, August 2, 2022 is Arizona Primary Election Day. We Americans have it easy when it comes to voting. With the advent of the mail-in ballot, many take for granted our responsibility of citizens to vote. For the last 2 decades, less than 36% of primary election voters in all parties have voted in these elections. With all the complaining we do about government, you would think more of us would respect our duty as citizens to vote.

Not all nations have been blessed by democratic elections. The people of Iraq were ruled for centuries by kings and dictators. In 2003, the Iraqi war toppled the Saddam Hussein dictatorship. In 2005, Iraq had its first free elections. Iraqi freedom was symbolized by each voter dipping their index finger in indelible purple ink to ensure voter integrity. The Iraqi people proudly displayed their stained finger to show that the democratic principle of one person, one vote was being adhered to. In democracy, voter integrity is paramount.

This year, Governor Ducey signed into law HB 2492 that requires Arizona voters who vote only in Federal Elections to show proof of citizenship. Believe it or not, up until this legislation, people could receive ballots for federal only elections without showing proof of citizenship. To vote in all other elections, proof of citizenship was and now is required. In the 2020 Presidential Election, 11,600 Arizona voters were registered to vote “Federal only” without showing proof of citizenship. There are approximately 31,000 registered voters in Arizona who have never shown proof of citizenship.

Ironically, the people who tout democracy the most are calling proof of citizenship disenfranchising. After HB 2492 was signed into law, the Biden administration sued Arizona as violating the National Voter Registration Act. HB 2492 is a basic law of voter integrity. This law makes it illegal to vote by mail or go to the polls without showing proof of citizenship. To get an Arizona Drivers License or Arizona ID Card, proof of citizenship is required. Dipping our finger in purple ink is not required but it would be a reassuring to the principle of voter integrity.

We have Judeo-Christian principles that compel us to be involved in the political process, especially selecting our leaders who represent us in civil government. On August 19th, at our Government Breakfast, Pastor Pat McClanahan will talk about God’s four branches of government; self government, family government, church government and last but not least, civil government. All four are part of God’s plan. Please join us for great food, relationship building and an inspiring message.
“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country” Samuel Adams.

Need some help picking candidates for key races? Here’s Center for Arizona Policy Action AZ Voter Guide and CAP Score Card. Find your Pima County Polling Location. Prayerfully consider the very best candidates to elect.

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