Angie Geren

"Who is Judging?"

A Breakout Session for the Reclaiming Hope Conference

Stigma is pervasive and affects many interactions in the realm of mental health and substance use disorders. The barriers to living life to the fullest are fully rooted in stigma and bias. Identifying what stigma looks like in action is crucial in addressing treatment and our role as helpers.

Angie Geren, APP, CHt, is a Community Development Specialist and Polarity Therapist committed to changing the conversation surrounding substance use and mental health by empowering individuals and connecting communities to become recovery ready through a trauma informed lens. Angie’s own struggle with addiction, family experiences, and education gives her a multi-faceted and unique perspective which has inspired her to lobby for public health focused addiction policy, expand peer support, advocate for parents, those in active addiction and recovery alike, and organize educational events.
Angie is Founder of Arizona Recovers, a recovery community organization, which provides harm reduction based peer support, community, and prevention and also Project Director of AZ Adverse Childhood Experiences Consortium.

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