Amphi Market Day March 2022

A Neighborhood Gathering

Amphi Market Day is an artisan's fair and farmer's market. There will be food trucks, businesses and fresh produce. All of this comes from the people living in the neighborhood!

We believe in helping the neighborhood people come together, to help each other. When that happens, the neighborhood gets stronger and stronger.

Who are we? We are the Amphi Community Development Group. And Amphi Market Day is something we are excited to do with you!

Shop Local, Eat Local & Meet Your Neighbors!

Arts & Crafts

Fresh Produce

Delicious Food

March 5, 2022      8:00 AM to Noon      Amphi Bible Church (226 W Prince Rd)

Have you ever wanted to sell handmade items? Or start your own business? You are invited to have a booth at this event!

Prior approval is required. Complete a form to apply for a booth space. Applications must be received by Friday, February 25th, 2022.

  • Apply for a space;
  • Receive approval email;
  • Reserve your space ($25 fee).

If you are an artist, play music, dance, have a business, food truck or produce that you want to share with the neighborhood, be part of Amphi Market Day!


Painters, Performers, Culinary Artists, Writers, Craftsman, Food Trucks


Help set up & tear down at the event.

Details About Registering for Amphi Market Day

All vendors, food trucks, and entertainers must receive approval to have a booth or time slot to be part of this event.  Use APPLY button to complete application form.  Once reviewed notification will be given if approved.  Quantity of similar booths may be restricted.

All products for sale must be new and in good condition.  Refurbished items and upcycled items are welcome.  Some exceptions may apply. 

All food trucks or food vendors must have current food handling license displayed in their booth and must provide their own electricity, cooking equipment, water, and refuse containers.  All grease must be removed from the property by the food truck or vendor.  All requirements by the Pima County Consumer Health and Food Safety Department must be followed.   Produce or non-perishables do not require food handlers permit (such as whole squash, tomatoes, or dry pasta).  Click [Pima County link] for more information.  See links below for additional information, especially the Cottage Food Industry if interested in selling baked goods. 

No illegal substances or illegally obtained items are permitted.  No illegal activities will be tolerated.

This event is not a resource fair or career fair.  Non-profits, major employers, training and education centers are encouraged to email us to schedule a time to meet with you or for information on future events.

[Pima County link]

Additional Department of Health Services requirements

Pima County Cottage Food Industry Information

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