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Amphi Community Development Group Spring Service Day

4Tucson organized a special project on Saturday, April 23, 2022, to assist Tucson Refugee Ministry in readying their new location for operation.  The site of the project was First Church of God in Amphi Neighborhood.  Teams of volunteers gathered to help clean the Woods Fellowship Hall, remove carpet in classrooms, and tackle overgrown landscape.  Three loads of brush, pavement, carpet, and trash weighing several thousands of pounds was taken to the city dump.  Other volunteers prepared pancakes for the hungry crews, and another inspected the air conditioning units.  An incredible amount of work was accomplished with much more to be done.  As the morning began and ended with unity of prayer, friendships were strengthened through working together in service to God. 

Tucson Refugee Ministry is a Christian organization who provides educational, relational, and supportive services to families who have recently arrived in the United States.  The newly created Building Bridges Community Center will serve this neighborhood with affection and opportunities for individual growth. 

The staff of 4Tucson are grateful to all the volunteers who gave their time and labor to this effort.  For information about upcoming projects, please visit events or sign up for the newsletter

At Movement Day Tucson in January 2021, 4Tucson's Poverty Reduction and Economic Opportunity teams met virtually with leaders and residents in the Amphi Neighborhood. Together, we collaboratively developed several ideas to help the community achieve the goals and address the challenges identified by residents and through research.

Since Movement Day Tucson 2021, 4Tucson has been meeting monthly with leaders and residents to identify the best idea and develop it into an action plan. Our collaboration is called the Amphi Community Development Group and we have identified the first action plan to develop together: "Creating Brand Identity".

Residents, business owners, and organizations are encouraged to join these efforts by attending the monthly meetings.

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Amphi Community Development Group Quarterly Gathering

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amphi market day

Creating Brand Identity in the Amphi Neighborhood is designed to serve as a relationship-building, collaborative outreach.

We want to create essential connections that will help Amphi achieve its goals of healthy economic growth by building identity and pride in the community. Creating Brand Identity in Amphi requires multiple projects. The first project is called: "Amphi Market Day".

Amphi Market Day would be similar to a farmer’s market, with food trucks, local business vendors, produce, and crafter's booths, live music, dancing and demonstrations. This project is currently being developed by the Amphi Community Development Group. As members of this Group, 4Tucson has four representatives responsible for launching the project: Tracelyn Sutton, Director of 4Tucson's Economic Opportunity & Development Taskforce; Lynda Robinson, Director of 4Tucson's Poverty Reduction Taskforce; Thomas Cortese, Director of 4Tucson's Social Services Domain and Elizabeth Wilson, Grant Writer/Researcher for 4Tucson.

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