For everyone living here, Tucson is more than a city. It is the culture that shapes our lives and those of our loved ones. When the city structures and institutions are not in alignment with biblical principles, our culture suffers from systemic problems. But God is working through Christians to transform Tucson.

God is leading us on a mission, unique in its scope and strategy, to bring all the city structures and institutions into alignment with biblical principles for the peace and prosperity of the citizens.

4Tucson has been receiving national attention for our biblical city transformation model. Through His leading and the support of our partners, Tucson is being recognized as one of the 100 leading cities in the world where God is working through Christians for biblical city transformation!

The 100 Cities Summit 2018 will be a world-historic, three-day gathering of urban leaders from around the globe. We will send four delegates to the summit, held in Washington D.C. at the Museum of the Bible, November 27th – 29th.

The more of us there are working together,
the more influence we have,
and the more we can accomplish for the Lord.

The Summit is recognizing 100 global cities who are committed to advancing the Gospel by unifying the church and embedding scripture into the fabric of their cities. The 100 Cities Summit is catalyzing leadership teams to impact the spiritual and social climate of their cities through learning communities, the sharing of best practices and the advancement of high-level, city-changing collaborative partnerships.

(If you’d like to read more, here is a link to the 100 Cities Summit Brochure.)

If you haven’t already invested in this work we’re doing together, would you do so today? Join 4Tucson as a partner or donate via our 1004100 campaign. The campaign will help fund the four delegates to the summit.

God is doing something historic in our city. Working together has produced the fruit and recognition for which we are praising Him. As more of us partner together, the more those blessings will grow: our city will be transformed according to God’s plan, Tucsonans will be blessed, and Jesus will be glorified.

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