Though I am originally from southern California, for the first 11 years of my life we lived in various parts of the country as my father pursued his academic dreams.  Then we moved to Tucson where I went to Holoway ES, Amphi MS & HS and eventually graduated from the UofA.  I was on their 10 year plan!  After getting married, I moved to SE Texas where I lived there for 30+ years.  However, I could never get Tucson completely out of my system because I came back 2-3 times a year to visit family.

I did not grow up in a Christian home so my view of Christianity was simply that one needed to be a “good person” in order to go to Heaven.  It wasn’t until my marriage fell apart that I realized that I needed a Savior.  I am so very grateful that the Lord met me on the back row of the church balcony 33 years ago where I truly thought I was invisible.  While I was now a part of the Church, I really didn’t get introduced to the power of prayer until a met a group of women who radically changed my life.  They were different from anyone else I had ever met.  They had passion.  They loved prayer.  They prayed with great conviction.  And I wanted to be just like them.  I so appreciated their guidance and encouragement as I began to press into trusting the Lord with deeper intimacy.

My work experience has primarily been in the nonprofit arena.  For 18+ years I was with a family run packaging organization that employed people with physical limitations.  This taught me a lot about how people view themselves.  I then had a Samuel moment where I was asked 3 times to consider taking a ministerial staff position at the church I was attending.  I remained in this position for 8 years until I sensed the Lord moving me back to Arizona, which I did 4 years ago. 

I was introduced to a Messianic congregation – where both the Jew & the Gentile worship together.  I am now a part of Congregation Beth Sar Shalom and have the privilege of facilitating a weekly ladies’ prayer group.  I am also the proud mother of one daughter, who introduced me to this congregation and with whom I get to worship each Shabbat.

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