Title: 4Tucson Member Development Facilitator


The facilitator will act as a guide to individuals participating in the Purpose Workshop, Discover Your Domain and other workshops that may be developed that are developed to assist individuals with first, discovering their gifts and calling, then getting plugged in to a domain to serve. Additional workshops include continueing to come alongside members to develop their life goals based on their life purpose statement created in the Discover Your Purpose Workshop.  Individual must be able to think on their feet.

Individual must have a passion to help individuals understand how God made them and guide individuals into self-reflection through the materials.  Individual must be a people person, display patience and self-restraint as participants work through concepts discussed in the workshop, so as not to lead indviduals through the workshop so they can articulate and discover on their own who God has made them.  Individual must be able to ask questions in a way to draw out the individual's own ideas and understanding regarding their purpose.

Time Commitment4 hours/month - 1 Session Discover Your Purpose Workshop or less if helping with Discover Your Domain or another shorter workshop.
Volunteer LevelLevel 2
Membership RequiredYes
Age RestrictionAdult Only
System Access NeededNo
If Yes, Which Systems?N/A
Spiritual Gifts DesiredAdministration, Hospitality, Exhortation, Discernment, Wisdom
Skill Set RequiredInterpersonal skills; self-control; Strong listening and discernment skills; connect with individuals; coaching and training skills; teaching.
ExpertiseWorking with people.
PassionsHelping people find their way in life.
Additional NotesNeed men and women to minister to each sex.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact us at info@4tucson.com.

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