Title: 4Tucson Discover Your Purpose Event Team


Individuals who enjoy speaking with newcomers and people unfamiliar with 4Tucson will represent 4Tucson at public events, to churches, businesses and organizations.  These individuals will be able to share about the Discover Your Purpose Workshop in a concise way to attract individuals and or groups to participate in the Discover Your Purpose Workshop, as well as answer questions about 4Tucson. Indivduals will attend public events, tabling and sharing about how the Purpose Workshop will be able to assist individuals, churches, businesses or organizations understanding the need for the Purpose Workshop and how it will benefit them.

Time CommitmentSporadic: two - four times per month, depending on events available.
Volunteer LevelLevel 2
Membership RequiredYes
Age RestrictionAdult Only
System Access NeededNo
If Yes, Which Systems?N/A
Spiritual Gifts DesiredServing, Wisdom, Faith, Discernment
Skill Set RequiredAdministrative skills, time management skills, customer service skills.  Individual(s) must be polite and enjoy speaking with a variety of personalities and be able to think on their toes answering questions that may arise. Individual must have public speaking skills, powerpoint skills.  Availability can be including the weekends and for special events to promote the Discover Your Purpose Workshop.  Individual must enjoy interfacing with the public and be able to represent 4Tucson in a positive way.
ExpertiseEngaging with people in public.
PassionsMust enjoy speaking in general, sharing information about 4Tucson and the products we offer.
Additional NotesMust have own transportation. Will need to possess stewardship skills since they will handle some of 4Tucson collateral, protecting marketing equipment and not being wasteful with resources such as flyers and newsletter cards.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact us at info@4tucson.com.

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