The first annual Together 4Tucson Conference was a huge success! We are so grateful to the 320 people who attended and all the sponsors who made this conference possible. Participants included representatives from across Tucson as well as from other cities.

2018 Together 4Tucson Conference 1The conference opened and closed with worship lead by City Psalms - it was the launch of their third album. Their music had everyone on their feet; some dancing, many with lifted hands, all worshiping in spirit and truth!

Following the opening worship that set the tone, the main session speakers, Mark Harris, Tony Simms and Dave Drum offered a vision of how each of us can play an important role in the spiritual and societal transformation of Tucson.

Breakout sessions delved into specifics of four of the 22 focus areas that need to be addressed to transform Tucson including: Education, Parenting, Poverty Reduction and Economic Opportunity and Development. Panelists helped participants consider how each of us plays a role in helping our city, no matter their interests or skills. For example, people with a business background can help improve education, and media and arts can help think of new ways to share information about Christian parenting. Attendees had the unique opportunity to ask questions of the highly regarded local panelists and interact with each other in the context of the focus areas. We learned new ways to pray, unify, collaborate, and coordinate toward the unified body strategy of transforming our city!

2018 Together 4Tucson Conference 2Luncheon speaker, Kevin Palau, president of the Luis Palau Association, described other city change movements including about how the city of Portland has been transformed in the areas of foster care, education and refugee ministry. God is clearly moving across the country, and we are a part of it! All of this took place in the beautiful Star Pass Resort. Attendees and 4Tucson staff alike were tremendously blessed to worship and learn together, collaboratively seeking God's will for their role in advancing His Kingdom in our hometown.

Next year's conference will build on what we accomplished this year. So save the date for January 26, 2019 and watch for early bird registration deals coming soon! Hint: You may want to reserve the 25th as well, as we are tentatively considering adding a Friday session to next year's event. We will let you know if this gets finalized.

Let's keep pressing on --Together for Tucson!

2018 Together 4Tucson Conference 3

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