1 Million Hours of Prayer for Japan, 2021 Olympics

The believers and the church in Japan have a critical need for our prayer support, beginning with Friday's opening ceremonies during the strangest Olympics in history.

For seven years, churches and believers have trained to reach out during the Olympics. Japan has been one of the two most challenging open countries for the growth of the church.
Imagine... our city is hosting the Olympics, you have trained for seven years, you have experienced a one-year Olympics Covid delay and now you cannot reach out because of Covid! On top of all that, no Japanese persons are allowed to attend any Olympic event.

The church in Japan is asking that we join them in a global prayer movement. The Games began Friday, July 23rd. Please sign up to pray by clicking on the link below. And please pass this blog post on to your church's mission committee, your family and friends who know the power of prayer.

May God open the hearts of the people of Japan as we pray.

Here you can sign up and share your commitment to pray. If you only have 15 minutes each day, perhaps find three others and make an hour commitment. May God move through our united prayers!

Sign Up Website: https://www.japan1million.com/

Thank you, Your friends at 4Tucson

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