Transforming our community
by mobilizing the Body of Christ


Together we can make a difference in our city.

Have you ever said, "I am only one person, what can I do?" Imagine the impact of working with other like-minded Christians across the city who are just as passionate as you are about making a difference!

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It can happen!

When one Christ follower connects with other Christ followers and they begin to PRAY for lasting, positive solutions for our city, God will reveal His purpose and plans. THEN, when those Christ followers work together, exercising their influence to follow God's plans - MIRACLES HAPPEN!

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How? It's simple.

It all starts when you BECOME A PARTNER with 4Tucson. Then, JOIN A DOMAIN that best fits your interest or passion. Through your Domain you will meet other Christ followers who are just like you. We need each other. Together, we can make positive, lasting change in our generation.

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